The mSIS Cloud is deployed on AWS London region for UK Law Enforcement and on any other AWS region as required.

A key component of the mSIS Cloud is the Amazon Workspace which is a remote desktop. Qwarie has optimized the desktop for safe and productive investigation processing.

Each user is assigned a dedicated VM. The Amazon Workspace resources are not shared with other users


mSIS Cloud Desktop Applications   mSIS Cloud Firefox Extensions
Recommended and pre-installed   Required and pre-installed
  • Firefox browser
  • Tor browser
  • NordVPN Teams - VPN software with active account
  • OpenVPN - VPN client software with active account
  • 7-zip - archiving software
  • Adobe reader - view, print, sign and annotate PDF files
  • Nomacs - image viewing software
  • OBS - screen recording software
  • VLC - media player
  • Bluestacks / Nox - android emulator
  • Skype - communication software
  • HTTrack - download entire websites
  • Gimp - image manipulation software
  • Libreoffice - documents, spreadsheets, presentations
  • Veracrypt - encryption software
  • mSIS on the Firefox Browser
  • mSIS on the Tor Browser
Recommended by Qwarie, option for pre-installation on request
  • Chameleon - random agent spoofer
  • Resurrect pages - view webpages as they were in the past
  • Google cache - view a webpage google cache
  • Https everywhere - make the browser load the https version of the page, if there is http and https
  • ublock origin - block ads and other tracking scripts
  • Youtube mp4 downloader - tool to download Youtube videos
  • Tineye reverse image search - search an image, where it displays on the internet
  • Who stole my pictures? - image search
  • Google reverse image search
  • Lastpass - password manager
  • Google translator for Firefox
Optional and installed on request
  • Microsoft Office (bring your own licence)
  • Thunderbird - email client
  • Dropbox - file sharing



As standard, Active Directory is implemented on the mSIS Cloud.
Networking capability on the cloud is an optional extra.
So to is synchronization with AD on any local network.
Onboarding personnel are SC approved.