mSIS Cloud

Safe & Secure with Enhanced Productivity!

How is mSIS Safe?

Cloud SafetyA cloud solution allows the investigator to perform investigations from a safe and secure platform, where data is saved inside mSIS.

User IdentityOnly a user with rights to use mSIS can access the data is a case while it is being processed.

Access ManagementQwarie supplies Access Management control to your super-user, so that accounts might be assigned as required.  Each user might be assigned an identity that is not known to Qwarie.

GDPR / LED SafetymSIS has built in GDPR & LED safety of all users, whether using mSIS on a the cloud desktop or on a local desktop. Crucially, mSIS does not archive all the data on a page automatically. There is no risk that the user shall gather information about people outside of the investigation. In compliance with the GDPR and the LED, mSIS is proportionate. Inadvertently, the user cannot step outside of the regulations.

Malware ScanningAll data is stored in mSIS until it is exported as a Case Bundle. mSIS Cloud provides the option to scan each exported Case Bundle for malware.

EncryptionmSIS Cloud provides the option to encrypt each Case Bundle; so that the encrypted folder my be transferred with optimal safety, to another server or local desktop.

Disposable DesktopWhere a cloud desktop might be compromised, the desktop shall be destroyed and replaced by a new desktop. The process of  destroy and replace, takes about 20 minutes to perform; consider it like a re-format of a local computer hard drive.

Cloud Security

The cloud solution providers are National Police Information Risk Management Team (NPIRMT) approved.

A Safe Non-attributable Connection The cloud service includes a non-attributable VPN solution supplied by Qwarie. This includes a  dedicated VPN between your devices and the desktop cloud. So where you might be using a public and insecure wi-fi connection from your laptop in an coffee shop, the dedicated VPN provides a secure and encrypted connection to your cloud desktop. Also, the dedicated VPN solution is supplied between the user work place and the cloud solution, so that only one port might be opened in the local firewall.
The VPN facility provides the ability for a user to access the internet from multiple points of presence, in the UK and worldwide.
It is impossible to attribute this service to the desktop cloud user.  Also, the desktop solution provides an agent switching application that further enhances to non-attributable features of the service.

Active Directory  Qwarie shall provide Active Directory synchronisation with AD on any local network.
Onboarding personnel are SC approved.

mSIS - What is it? 

mSIS is an extension for the Firefox (Quantuum) Browser. There are five different versions of mSIS. We call them Family. More info at

mSIS Enhanced Productivity

mSIS enhances the productivity of all users, with access to thousands of data sources and OSINT resources, and automated report generation.

OSINT Training

mSIS LE provides OSINT training modules, that are updated a the OSINT space changes, so that users might stay up-to-date with current techniques.


The mSIS application is supplied from two separate
cloud desktop solution providers.